Membership Info

We are a “owner-members” gun club, meaning that all members have part ownership of our lands and facilities. Our by-laws limit us to 40 members. Currently there are no openings for new members, however we are always happy to take applications for the waiting list, please contact us.

Applicant must be sponsored by two owner-members. The current initiation fee is $2,500 and current dues are $675. The application requires 1/3 of the initiation fee and the current dues. There is a 3 year probationary period and the initiation fee can be paid over that time period. The annual dues increase from time to time.

All members must log 25 hours a year in work at the club. This could be running the shooting range, grounds maintenance etc. Senior members are exempt from work time. To become a Senior member you must have been a member for 25 years and be 65 or older. For additional info please consult our by-laws.