In 1940 several local residents banded together to purchase an old farm as these working shooters were unable to afford the higher-priced shooting sports offered at “high-end” shooting clubs. A clubhouse was built, land graded to accommodate skeet and trap ranges, manual skeet and trap machines were acquired from charter member Guy Simpson (who was 38 at the time), and the Millbrook Rod & Gun Club was born. To protect their interests they incorporated in 1941 and started constructed the clubhouse in 1950.

Long-time Millbrook residents will recognize the names of the original founders, our “charter” members.  They were second-generation “Millbrookers”, mostly local artisans and even a couple of politicians (former mayors of Millbrook, Murtaugh and Manzi).

Guy W. Simpson Grant Ball
Albert Rotunno Esmond Gifford
Rhinehold Strobel William Coddington
Lewis Van Keuren Joseph Tumino
John P. Manzi Ernest Ciferri
Charles Haight John Murtaugh
Carl Sorenson Alva Steacy
Emil Raeder Vincent Field
Onorato Maggiacomo Ottavino Maggiacomo
John Ormeston Thomas Foley
Stanley Garrett


While the clubhouse has been enlarged and remodeled, we like to think that the hunting and shooting heritage and ethics of the our charter members lives on in today’s membership.

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