Proposed 480-A Forest Management Program Revisions

We'd like to alert the public to potential legislation which will be before the NYS legislature this session (2017). If passed it would significantly impact our assessment and consequently our taxes for the Rod & Gun Club.

Please read the following email from our forester, Doug Ramey:

The DEC is moving forward again on the proposed revisions to 480-a with apparently no changes from their 2015 proposal. Once again the DEC has not formally informed the enrolled landowners or the foresters who work with the program of the possible changes. DEC has had a few limited stakeholder meetings this fall, but these two major stakeholder groups have not been included. These proposed changes WILL be submitted to the NYS Legislature, the next legislative session (first week 2017), as part of Governor's Cuomo’s budget.

It is time to contact your representatives in Albany again voicing concerns on this matter. The contacts that were made last year were very effective in having the DEC proposal tabled and you need to be heard again. I have attached the following items to assist you with this effort:

1. A list of points related to the proposed revisions and the problems with them.

2. A list of sample statements that you can use to customize letters or emails to your representatives.

3. A list with contact information for state representatives that should be contacted.

4. The DEC materials which they distributed explaining the proposed changes.

I encourage you to use this information to write letters or emails, or make phone calls to your representatives giving your personal opinion on the proposed changes and how they would affect you. This should be done as soon as possible as the Governor's budget is set in early December.

To obtain more information on these changes, how they will affect you, forest taxation, threats to private forests, and other information, you can visit the website set up by the Watershed Agricultural Council to disseminate information.

You can find this website at the following link:

Download the 2016 480-a revision information PDF

Download the DEC Proposed 480-a Revisions PDF